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Goal Setting.


Goal setting is a powerful method of motivating and setting yourself on the road to the idea future that you desire. You have to set goals for yourself in every area of your life. Set them personally, emotionally, society, physically and financially. Create an ultimate aim and what you want right now. You need objectives on who you want to be, how much happiness or passion you desire, and how you want to live every single day. While setting goals, it’s important to have a vision in mind and work towards that vision. The way to do this is to envision where you would like to be and what you’d like to achieve in the near future.

Women who dare to dream know that setting and achieving goals, however small and insignificant, boost their confidence on a day to day basis. Each time you achieve a purposefully set objective, your confidence in you own ability grows. Your self-esteem, awareness, ability to communicate, energy and responsibility can all be amplified by your use of goal setting. The practice of goa-setting easily and very quickly creates an aura of self-confidence. There are several ways goal-setting benefits us:


  • Greater Personal Growth: Each time you pursue a new goal outside your comfort zone, you contribute to your own personal growth and advancement. Pursuing goals causes you to stretch and learn about yourself and the world around you. What was once difficult often becomes easier and you long to conquer new heights. Nothing in the world will give you a zest for life like consistent growth.
  • Clarity of Purpose: Having carefully chosen goals gives your life greater meaning. Show me a person who doesn’t know their passion or purpose in life and I will show you a person who either has no goals or pursues goals with no personal challenge or meaning. People who actively and systematically pursue meaningful goals feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. What you are doing right now is either taking you away from or towards your dreams. Goals help us navigate throughout our journey. Our goals are a reflection of who we are.
  • Goals help you become a better person: Don’t set goals for what you can get. Set goals for what they make of you. Set goals for who you become along the way. People who set goals and follow through, develop the skill of overcoming obstacles. People who follow through on their goals and commitments develop an inner strength and unshakable character. People who do NOT set goals never discover how great they can become. They never awaken their dormant gifts and talents. Whenever you set and commit to a goal and follow through on your commitment, you strengthen your character and personal integrity.
  • Increased Confidence and Self Esteem: Each time you make a commitment to a goal and invest the very best of yourself towards it’s attainment, you gain more confidence and self-esteem, regardless of whether or not you achieve the goal. Your subconscious mind knows that you gave your all and that strengthens your confidence muscle. Progressive action always leads to growth and greater fulfillment. People that do not set goals never venture outside of their comfort zone. Deep down they know they are not realizing their full potential and feel bad about themselves. People with goals are fully alive and dare to take risks that elevate their place in life. Whether they win or lose, they learn and grow.

Goal setting is an imperative if you want to truly see all your dreams and visions come to fruition. It doesn’t matter if it is business oriented or personal – setting a realistic and achievable goal, and then working toward realizing that goal on a daily basis does work. You just have to do the work.

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