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  • Rio Gym Athleisure wear by Beleza Australia, it's not just about the yoga studio.

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    Rio Gym Brazilian Athleisure wear by Beleza Australia.

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    Rio Gym Brazilian Athleisure wear by Beleza Australia.

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    "As unique as each woman that wears it."

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    by Beleza Australia.

Brazilian Athleisure Bras and Tops

Home of Brazilian Athleisure.

"Beleza Australia offer this limited edition collection which is unique as is every woman who wears it, experience the fit, feel and comfort."

Make every workout count in Rio Gym Brazilian Athliesure wear

by Beleza Australia. 

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Beleza Australia - Goal Setting, empower your world

Goal setting is a powerful method of motivating and setting yourself on the road to the idea future that you desire. You have to set goals for yourself in every area of your life.  You need objectives on who you want to be, how much happiness or passion you desire, and how you want to live every single day. Read more.

Beleza Australia- Your preferred choice of Athleisure wear.

For the modern women, working out is not just a hobby. But a way of life. She goes the extra mile to look good and performs strenuous activities that will make her look fabulous. Many women join gyms, do yoga, Pilates, etc, to remain in shape. During all these activities, they also have the need of feeling comfortable and trendy at the same time.  Read more.

Beleza Australia - Choosing the right fitness wear for you.

In line of women’s fitness and healthy lifestyle, the issue on women’s fitness wear can never be ignored. Wearing the right exercise apparel when doing the routine is virtually important, it doesn’t only make one comfortable enough when doing the routine, it can also boost her confidence that she can be without the feeling of being intimidated on how she looks like. Read more.

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